I’ve always loved photography, the notion of freezing a moment till date amazes me. Having grown up in a family that has valued photography, the stories that I treasure are fond precious memories. All I have to do is look at those photographs and I hear those stories. Pictures do speak louder than words ever could.

As a child, I remember it was a ritual with my Mum and Dad to photograph every event, taking candids with his trusty Olympus, be it the Christmas lunch, the annual holiday or me reading my favorite books. Mum was a tailor, wedding gowns her specialty, we used to wait with bated breath, to see the bride, her reaction in her dress for the very first time. Oh what joy! That priceless emotion, that once-in-a-lifetime moment. This has been my inspiration.

A three year stint with All India Radio – Mumbai, as a radio host strengthened this inspiration. Playing requests, talking to listeners across radio-waves while sitting in an isolated soundproof studio. Digging up dusty records of Carole King and the like in the archives; nurturing an invisible bond with fans on the other side, because a song took them back in time to a particular photographic memory in their consciousness.

And that is why I love shooting weddings. Over eight years as a designer in advertising/branding has helped me express myself creatively in capturing those moments as a photographer and honed my story-telling.

A wedding regardless of its culture, religion or location has a story which is set, characters defined, but how it unfolds is unique to every single wedding. My approach to wedding photography is to document every emotion. To capture the spirit, beauty, and joy. I strive to record that story as it happens.

So how about you?  How would you like your story to be told? How do you imagine your precious memories?

Drop me a line, and let’s get to know each other!