February 10, 2015

Meet Tyler.

The coolest chumpkin on his Baptism day.

And to tell you how fun the celebration was, all you have to do is look at those smiles. Says it all.

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January 29, 2013

Having a ball of a time!

Dubai Wedding Photographer

August 13, 2012

Vaishnavi fondly called Gudiya by family, celebrated her fifth birthday in Dubai. Her birthday celebration was as grand as a wedding.  The guests were given a warm welcome with traditional music and sweets. The kids had a gala time get their face painted, and ladies getting henna on their hands.

Parents had as much fun as the kids playing musical chairs where the wife had to sit on the husbands lap when the music stopped. The guys were all up and alert creating even more confusion. This had everybody cracking up like crazy. And the tug-of-war was hilarious. I have never witnessed so much laughter and fun at a party.  Teams were formed, each side lined up and on started the tug. The guests were roaring at every failed attempt. And there was music and dance. Later in the evening Gudiya was given a surprise with this huge, beautiful cake.

When I was asked to photograph Gudiya’s birthday, I was a little nervous to be honest. Photographing kids who I haven’t met before right when they having a ball of a time. It was fun, just had to make sure I made an absolute fool of myself to capture candid portraits.

Have a look and leave your love.

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Dubai, United Arab Emirates