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July 30, 2013


June 03, 2013

It’s not all so perfect.

Amidst daily madness and hustle, long hours of editing, rationed sleep, juggling bills, refusal to slack out, doubt creeps in like a cold shiver on a summer’s day. Making me wonder if this is how doing what you love feels? If this is even the right path?  A long trail of never ending what-if’s.

And then I get to know I have been nominated Wedding Photographer of the Year India – Couple Portraiture. Shortlisted over thousands of entries all over India, one of my  photographs has made it to the list. A hug from the Universe. My heart reminding me the honor of being a wedding photographer.  Being able to leave behind images that represent love to the couple, the family and friends as a part of what I do. That’s all that I need to know.

Imperfect, true and beautiful.


December 29, 2012

Goa Wedding Photographer

If I were to be honest, saying goodbye to 2012 is difficult, like leaving home for good, landing in an unknown place and taking with you nothing but fond, precious memories. This year has been beautiful and for today, tomorrow and the next few days I will hold on to it.

Here’s to the awesome couples who let me a part of their celebrations, to the lessons I have learnt,  to friends and family who support and guide me. Here’s to more beautiful stories that I will document.

Here’s to those you hold close. To the love and the kindness. Here’s to the adventures that lay ahead, to the courage to do things that frighten us.  To your dreams, to your future. To a new year and it’s infinite possibilities.

Wherever you find yourself reading this, here’s wishing you joy and happiness, every single day.

Cheers and gratitude.

Goa, India.