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September 23, 2012

Back after a short holiday visiting home and, had to share these frames with you.  Home is on a quaint small island in Goa, India, nearly disconnected from the main city making this place still retain its old charm. Two of my favourite places to go and simply be quiet, soaking in natures’s magnificence; a walk down to the river across the fields and the other up the hill which has a statue of Rei Crist looking down the grand island with a breathtaking view.  I went with my nephews, we were almost attacked by the nearby grazing buffalos, tripped, squished in mud and stung by angry thistles refusing intruders into their bushes.

This place is therapeutic in the monsoons, the scent of the earth, the rustle of wild weeds, the buzz of the wasps, the silent march of the clouds and the moist red earth. So much beauty lies buried and invisible, that its magical to see it all coming to life during the monsoon, growing unattended in bold vibrant colours under open skies. Everytime I’m here, my heart sinks into the beautiful canvas with a feeling of deep gratitude.

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Goa, India